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Designed for the serious Ba Gua practitioner, these VIRTUAL TRAINING videos teach critical aspects of close combat Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang). Featuring Shrfu John Bracy, one of the few authentic non-Chinese lineage holders in the art, videos are broken down into parts 1, 2A and 2B and include lessons: Dzuo ma or "walking the horse," "Rolling Block," the "Bridging technique" to take down a larger opponent and most important for more advanced pratitioners: "Eliciting a Response" which teaches you how to control an opponent with minimal effort.


30 day on- line subscriptions:

Lesson 1 of 2 (8 minute 12 second)  Entire lesson as one sequence - no breaks  only $10.00

Lesson 2A (4 minute 19 second)   Details of lessons 1 and 2   Only $5

Lesson 2B (9 minute 52 second)  Details of lessons 3 -6     Only $5

[U.S. or U.K. military and police: ask for special offer]

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