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john_bracy-120x150.jpgJohn Bracy, master teacher of martial arts, qigong (chi kung), Taoist yoga and Tai chi invented several technologies to enhance mind-body training and attain superior athletic skill.  Useful for developing greater power, effortless control over an opponent and self-healing, these methods are among the most advanced in the field.

John began studying the martial arts in 1967 at the age of 12. Continuously since then, with the exception of some USMC assignments which prevented him from maintaining regular practice, in those--now more than forty years of experience--he has never taken a break from his training.

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john bracy teaching
 Vivideo john bracy 45 years martial artsdeos DVDs Published material
Sometimes the practice changed. Around ten years ago John was crippled by a catasphophic injury. However, although approved for back surgery, he declined. Starting from barely being able to crawl, to then standing with support, continuing to teach classes while laying on his back, he eventually healed himself. In the words of the attending neuro surgeon who evaluated and recommended surgery,after reviewing the series of John's MRIs, said he had "never seen anything comparable to recovery like this without surgery." (This story, including before and after MRIs are planned for a�future book). Now training�again (but not yet as fast as he would like)
John takes what he learned from healing his back to promote deeper understanding of the power of ancient Chinese yogas, chi kung, the potential of Taoist breathing techniques and the power of light and efforbaguabook.giftless touch to control and opponent. LARGER VIEW OF LINEAGE CERTIFICATE [click here]
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In brief:
1967  Began training
1974-77 Active duty US Marine Corps (Assignments: 7th Counterintelligence Team;
G-2 Staff Counterintelligence, Ist MAW, Iwakuni, Japan
Personal staff, Commanding Officer,MWSG-37, El Toro)
1976 Opened first martial art studio
1981 B.A. Psychology, CSU Long Beach
1981-82 Graduate exchange student,Feng Chia University, Taiwan
1981- Awarded Instructor and Advisor Rank,
Pa Kua Society, Taiwan (certificate at right)
[Order John's book] [read excerpts]
1982 Lineage Disciple &Advanced Instructor Certification Master Yi Te-kuen, Pa Kua
Society (internal Shaolin); Also studied with Yi Tien-wen (InternalShaolin)
Dr.Tim-Fook Chan (chi kung, Taoist breathing), Ho Shen-ting(Hsing I, Ba Gua, Tai Chi), Chang Shr- jung (Hsing I)
1983: Sponsors Master Ho Shen-ting to the U.S.
1984: Sponsors Master Yi Tien-wen to the U.S.;Master Yi Te-Kuen also visits and teaches
1986: Awarded 7th Degree instructor rank in Taipei by Pa Kua Gate society
1988:Accepted as lineage disciple by Master Liu Xing-han during Confucian ceremony in Beijing
1989: Licensed Coach, Beijing Full Contact Fighting Association
1991 Featured with Master Liu in first (then "newsletter") of the Pa Kua Journal [read]
1992-94 Guides various groups and senior Hsing Chen instructors to training trips in Taiwan and Beijing
1994 Received 8th degree instructor rank by Master Yi Te-kuen
when visiting and teaching at the Hsing Chen school in Costa Mesa
1995 Attended International Ba Gua Zhang conference, Beijing; [read article] Featured on Beijing television program
1999  Ba Gua: Hidden knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art
published by North Atlantic Books
1985-2002 Operated one of the largest and most successful internal martial art schools
in the U.S./ Also taught seminars in France, Austria, So. Korea,Greece, Canada and throughout the U.S.
June 2009 Retires from full time teaching [read story]


jb rank certificate 19811

John Bracy Instructor & Advisor Certificate, Taiwan, 1981

john bracy certificate-small

John Bracy 8th Degree Instructor certificate 1994

[View 8th degree instructor certificate / watch highlights from promotion and demonstrations

john bracy award 89

Plaque from Association Teachers and students, 1989





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